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Our free online short courses in digital marketing are designed to provide learners with insight and understanding into a range of processes and activities focused on digital marketing.

Introduction to Google Analytics 4

Introduction to Google Analytics 4 Short Course

Start: April 2023

Length: 2 weeks

Launching soon…


In just two weeks, you will understand the principles and practices of Google’s latest iteration of the most popular web analytics tool used by digital marketers; Google Analytics 4.


The short course is perfect for those with no experience of Google Analytics, or those who are new to Google Analytics 4.


Sign up today and join us in April 2023 to learn how to get the most out of GA4 from experts at the Mediaworks team.

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Previous Short Courses

Our short courses are hugely popular, attracting tens of thousands of learners from across the globe.

See some of the short courses our learners have previously studied below…

Maximising Your Website for Digital Marketing Performance

Maximising Your Website for Digital Marketing Performance Short Course

Start: October 2022

Length: 2 weeks

Now concluded


Joined by a number of speakers from across the Mediaworks team, this two week short course focussed on how to get the most from your website. Learners joined speakers as our guests discussed the Importance of a Website, Website Design, Creating Content for our Website, Driving Traffic to our Website, and Measuring our Website’s Performance. Key techniques discussed included the user journey, branding, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.


“I’m pleased to share that I recently completed the 2-week short course on Maximising Your Website For Digital Marketing Performance.

It was a really insightful course and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in making the most of their website.”

Carly C.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Short Course

Start: January 2022

Length: 3 weeks

Now concluded


In just two weeks, learners were reintroduced to the world of social media through the perspective of a digital marketer, understanding how to Approach Social Strategically, Understand their Audiences, Select and Use Channels, and Utilise Paid Social Media Advertising. As well as appearances from the DKL and Mediaworks team, this short course featured Sophie Miller of Pretty Little Marketer.


“The things I’ve learnt have already come in use, and I can’t wait to include other aspects in my work.

It’s brilliant how the course is available to anyone interested in social media marketing, whether they have an educational background or not. Enjoyed the course thoroughly, and will be on the look out for anymore.”

Shannon D.

Building & Delivering High Impact Content Driven Campaigns

Building & Delivering High Impact Content Driven Campaigns Short Course

Start: June 2021

Length: 3 weeks

Now concluded


This short course aimed to help learners understand how to create content relevant to their target audiences to engage and convert users. As well as an introduction to Content Marketing as a concept, learners gained insight into Data Types and Sources, Building Personas, Amplification and Execution, and Measuring Success.


“I was initially unsure whether I’d find it challenging enough having already done a Marketing degree and now with 4-5 years of experience under my belt. However, I feel it was pitched very well for a range of audiences and I certainly picked up some great tips along the way.”

Adam B.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Short Course

Start: May 2020

Length: 3 weeks

Now concluded


Over 3 weeks, learners of this hugely popular short course up-skilled in several areas of digital marketing, via introductions to Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search Marketing, Web Analytics, Online Reputation Management and more.


“An awful lot of information from experts who clearly enjoy what they do and are very good at it.”

John D.