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Leading academics from York Business School and Digital Marketing experts from Mediaworks deliver the majority of the course. In addition external trainers and consultants are sometimes used to enhance the learning experience.

No. However having access to an organisation on which you can practice the skills developed and the knowledge acquired through the course will aid your learning. Given the applied approach adopted throughout the course, if you do not have access to an organisation you may struggle to apply some of the learning and practice utilising some of the online tools we will engage with throughout the course.

A module is the basic building block of a programme/course. Modules usually take 3 months to complete. When you successfully complete a module, you’ll earn credits.

On this course you will study 5 separate modules that all contribute to your MSc Digital Marketing and Data Analytics qualification.

The programme delivery is based on principles of practitioner learning. It recognises that participants are likely to bring a large amount of experience and knowledge to the group, and can share this with each other. Resources for learning explicitly include the knowledge, experience and skills of all participants. This includes leading academics from York Business School and Digital Marketing experts from Mediaworks. This brings the perfect blend of theory and practice together.

The philosophy of the programme is that by bringing together relevant academic theory and practical experience, you can enhance your understanding of these elements and develop yourself as an individual and as a leader.

All modules are delivered utilising a range of online teaching, learning and assessment strategies. This includes; Online video lectures, discussion forums, webinars and tutorials, and peer learning in online communities and forums.

For each module, you’ll be assigned a tutor. They’ll help you with your studies, mark your assignments and give you an extra helping hand when you need it. Most of your contact with them will be through the online learning platform and the module forums.

You’ll connect through your module website/ online learning platform. The tutor will engage with you and other students through a webinar. If you’ve got computing facilities with a microphone, you’ll be able to join in the conversation. But, even if you don’t, you can still use the chat box to add your ideas.

Some online tutorials may be recorded, so if you miss one, or you want to go through the information again, they’ll be uploaded after the event is finished. If you want to know if a tutorial was recorded, be sure to ask your tutor.

As this is an online only course, you won’t need to attend traditional lectures. Most of your study will take place through your online learning platform and the associated course materials. There may be an option to attend an additional residential, but this will be identified by your course leader at the start of the course. Our module descriptions will tell you more.

Whilst York St John University is based in the North of England, UK, because this course is through online delivery, you can study with us from anywhere in the world.

You can study from home, work, on your commute, or wherever suits you. All you’ll need is an internet-connected computer/device and some time to concentrate on your studies.

Yes. As long as you’ve got access to an internet connection and a device from which to access the online learning materials.

For information on when the course starts, or the upcoming intake dates, please access the course website. Typically we have four intakes per year with most start dates 3 months apart.
Be sure to enrol on your course before the cut-off date to secure your place.

You’ll study your qualification on a module-by-module basis. You will only ever typically be studying one module at a time and you will be informed of the module sequence before the course starts.

About two weeks before your module is due to start, you’ll have access to your module via the online learning platform.

For your first module you will be given the information as soon as you enrol.

All of the information for each module is provided within the online learning platform course and module sites. On there, you’ll have a week-by-week study plan and assignment deadlines, so you can plan your studies.

Yes. Whether you need some time out due to work, family commitments, ill health, or anything else that’s going on in your life – you can request a Study Break (at the University this is referred to as a suspension in your studies) and there are forms to fill out to request a break in your studies.

No you won’t sit exams. Our assessment methods mirror organisational based activities. This gives you the experience to pursue a career in digital marketing and data analytics. These methods include; written assessments (such as reports) and recorded video presentations.

Each module tutor will provide opportunities for practice assessment feedback and online one-to-one tutorials. You will receive detailed feedback on assessments to help you develop. Advice will be provided in relation to development, further areas for research and guidance on how to enhance your subject knowledge.

All of your assessments will be individual based and will not require assessed group work to be undertaken.

Your assessment deadlines are fixed, but we’ll let you know the details about 12 weeks in advance to give you time to prepare.

If you’re unable to submit your assessment and adhere to the deadline set, due to circumstances beyond your control, you may be able to submit at a later agreed deadline. There are strict criteria for approving extensions at the University.

No. If you have passed your assessment you will not be given the opportunity to retake the assessment. If you have failed an assessment in most circumstances you will be given the opportunity to resubmit your assessment.

Your tutor will be the first person to contact if you’re worried about keeping up with your studies. They’ll give advice and additional support for general study skills and time management. If you need to talk through your study options, you can get in touch with your course leader or our student support team who’ll be on hand to offer you expert subject-specific advice.

You’ll be able to talk to other students through dedicated module forums and learning activities. A key aspect of any online course is peer to peer learning, and this will be encouraged throughout the course.

Yes. As an online learner you are a student of York St John University and will have access to the same library resources as any other university student. You will more than likely be accessing library materials electronically, but the University has extensive resources and access to various online publications that mean you can access the required content through your computing device.

All students who successfully complete this master's degree will graduate from York St John University. This will mean that you will be able to partake in the incredible York based graduation ceremony taking place in the York Minster in the heart of York.

York Minster has been attracting visitors for over 1000 years and is steeped in history, and York St John graduates have graduated from this building for over a decade.

Yes, a new Postgraduate Masters Loan is now available to help you pay for your Masters course for students commencing in the 2019/20 academic year onwards. Find out more about the postgraduate loan here: www.gov.uk/masters-loan


For international students  you should contact relevant authorities in the country for which you hold a passport

Yes. However you will require evidence of your English language competence to support your application. Proof of English competence may be in the form of an English language certificate (IELTS or equivalent), and academic qualification at University level studied ion English or a reference from your current employer to say that you have sufficient English language competence to study and that English language is the primary language of communication in your workplace.


For information on the University's standard international language requirements see www.yorksj.ac.uk/international/how-to-apply/english-language-requirements/

All modules are delivered utilising a range of online teaching, learning and assessment strategies including online video lectures, discussion forums and tutorials. All modules are assessed through a programme of work undertaken whilst studying for the MSc. Video lectures and associated learning materials are used as a foundation for discussion in online forums.


A range of assessment tools are used including reports, portfolios and video presentations. Each module tutor will provide opportunities for formative assessment feedback to inform your work prior to submission. You will receive detailed feedback on assessment to help you develop and continuously improve your performance whilst on the programme. Advice will be provided in relation to development, further areas for research and guidance on how to enhance your subject knowledge.

Yes, the entire course will be delivered through online platforms, which recognises the trend towards independent methods of learning and virtual forms of communication, whilst maintaining the known benefits of sharing and disseminating experiences in a group.

Much of the learning is developed through online collaborative learning communities of programme participants and tutors and you will become part of that community.

In addition to the online content and forums, optional residential days will be held regularly at different UK locations throughout the year.

No, an undergraduate degree is not essential. We recognise that this course will appeal to both undergraduates and also to employees looking for opportunities for professional advancement. To be eligible to apply for the course, you must meet the University’s general entry criteria. In addition, you must have:

- A bachelor’s degree or equivalent, achieved at Class 2.2 or above, from an approved university or institution


- Current or recent work experience (within the last two years) appropriate to enable you to contribute to the programme.

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