Distanced learning

This section focuses on studying from home, online access to course material, and information for international students.

You will connect through your module website/online learning platform. The tutor will engage with you and other students through a webinar. You will be able to join in the conversation using your camera, microphone, and the chatbox function to discuss your ideas.

Online tutorials will be recorded, so if you miss one or you want to go through the information again, you can access these after the event is finished.

As this is an online-only course, you will not need to attend traditional lectures. All of your studies will take place through your online learning platform and the associated course materials. There may be an option to attend an additional residential, but this will be identified by your course director ahead of any arrangements.

Yes. As this course is delivered through online delivery, we attract learners to join us from all corners of the world.

Yes. However, you will require evidence of your English language competence to support your application. Proof of English competence may be in the form of an English language certificate (IELTS or equivalent) and academic qualification at University level studied in English or a reference from your current employer. This will confirm that you have sufficient English language competence to study and that English language is the primary language of communication in your workplace.

For information on the University's standard international language requirements, see http://www.yorksj.ac.uk/international/how-to-apply/english-language-requirements/

Yes. You can study from home, work, or wherever suits you. All you will need is an internet-connected computer/device and some time to concentrate on your studies.

Yes. As long as you have got access to an internet connection and a device from which to access the online learning materials.

All of the information for each module is provided within the online learning platform course and module sites. On there, you will have a week-by-week study plan and assignment deadlines, so you can plan your studies.

Yes. The entire course will be delivered through online platforms, which recognise the trend towards independent methods of learning and virtual forms of communication while maintaining the known benefits of sharing and disseminating experiences in a group.

Much of the learning is developed through online collaborative learning communities of programme participants and tutors – you will become part of that community.