Download the Course Workbook

The purpose of this course is to give you insight into the core principles, concepts and practical applications utilised with the dynamic area of digital marketing. You engage with principles of marketing planning within a digital context, including a range of paid, earned and owned marketing channels and techniques.

This workbook is designed to support your learning journey and allows you to make notes within one location for each of the lecture-based sessions: both pre-recorded and live sessions. You have been allocated one page within this workbook for each session and in some instances, we have also provided additional models such as key models or frameworks that we feel will further aid your knowledge acquisition.

The workbook also highlights the learning schedule which we would strongly encourage you to review to help you plan your schedule in the coming weeks. Please note that whilst we would encourage engagement with the live sessions in real time, we know this may not always be possible, so all live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the learning platform shortly after they have taken place.

Finally, this is an editable document so please ensure that you save this document after each note making session.

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